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Introducing the ‘Inclusivity & Diversity Add-On for Preregistration Forms’ Developed During an EHPS2022 Pre-Conference Workshop


(Pre)registrations may be useful to make psychological research both more diverse and more inclusive. However, to our knowledge there was no (pre)registration form available until now that focused on diversity and inclusivity, so we took the opportunity to develop one during a set of pre-conference workshops at the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS) conference held in 2022 in Bratislava (Slovakia). This article describes the development and introduces the ‘Inclusivity & Diversity Add-On for Preregistration Forms.’

The European Health Psychologist
Thomas Gültzow
Thomas Gültzow
Assistant Professor Societal Transition & Behaviour Change

I am a passionate researcher in the field of behaviour and decision making, specialising in informed decision making, behaviour change, and the influence of digital communication and interventions.